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One of my favourite stores EVER accepted me to blog for them, EEEEEK! And, as over-excited as I was, a gathered a few of their most recent items to put in to one big blog post. Ersch is known for her amazing accessories, tattoos and other trinkets.

First off, Ersch is over at Epiphany – which by now all of you who read my blog will know is like, my fave event ever. They have the Gatsby set – which in all honesty, I died over, The Great Gatsby being one of my all time favourite movies as well. I used two backdrops in this picture above from the set – the RARE 01 backdrop which comes with a HUD. In front of that I put the epiphany exclusive item from Ersch, these gorgeous 20’s style art deco statuesque style features. Below on the left is the gacha key, and to the right a picture of Ersch’s exclusive item at the Epiphany.

India Teepee also opened on July 21 and is packed with such amazing content from some of the best creators on the SL grid. Ersch brought the “Galaxia” accessory, a gorgeous metal harness type piece, HUD driven. It doesn’t have a bra so bewbs will be shown if nothing is under it! (Just like above, *whistles*) India Teepee ends on August 6.

I couldn’t resist using the tattoos from the “Modern Fairy” gacha (also by Ersch) which was at Gacha Guardians a few weeks back. These are omega appliers, so as long as you have the appropriate Omega System for your head/body, these will apply!

Credits below ❤

What’s on me head?

MESH HEAD ~ CATWA Jessica head
SKIN APPLIER ~ ItGirls – Sophia in Summer
EYEBALLS ~ IKON Spectral Eyes – Ice


FACE TATTOO ~ ERSCH – Modern Fairy Gacha – #18 Face tattoo applier

What’s on me bod?

MESH BODY ~ Maitreya mesh body
APPLIERS ~ Itgirls fade appliers in summer
Maitreya BENTO HANDS V.4.1

HARNESS ACCESSORY ~ ERSCH – Galaxia Accessory ( @ India Teepee)

BELLY TATTOO ~ ERSCH – Modern Fairy Gacha – #15 Belly tattoo applier

PANTIES ~ Blueberry – Show time gacha – #18 panties

Pose: Le Poppycock – 4ward thinking – un4gettable

Set credits:

ERSCH – Gatsby Gacha Backdrop 01 RARE (@ Epiphany )
ERSCH – Gatsby Epiphany Exclusive (@ Epiphany )


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