Photos & Pricing


I can do a range of photos inworld, ranging from greenscreen to sets. The price of which depend on the complexity and time put in to the photo. Brief guide lines are listed below! ❤ 

  • Greenscreen – $500L
    These are just a tad more easy for me to achieve as it would simply involve you, or the model, standing in front of a colored screen whilst I snap away. Generally shading and backgrounds are added later, during the editing process.
    Some examples include: 1 – 2 – 3
  • Inworld photos – $750L
    A little harder to pull off as these involves higher graphics such as advanced lighting and different lens kinds to set up the effect you’d like. All windlights I make my self, too! ❤
    Examples include: 1 – 23
  • Photos involving a set – $____L
    These are really to be determined depending on the complexity of what you want. These photos are generally tailored to a certain genre where I’ll make a set with furniture, props, backdrops etc. You know the deal. 🙂
    Examples include: 123

For inquiries about photo comissions, please do contact me inworld at ℓαяк (zeldalandstride) – Though please send notecards to prevent (the unlikely event of) capped IMS! ❤